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NEW | Fabric Covered Buttons!

Yay! - Fabric Covered Buttons!       These buttons have a shank backing which means there are no sewing holes on the top of the button, but a metal loop on the back. This allows the button to sit atop your fabric.    In staying true to our mission of creating little-to-no textile waste, we're using up little bits of fabrics that would otherwise go to the compost bin.    In the shop you'll find a variety of button cards - some grouped by color and others grouped by print.   If you've never sewn on a shank button, don't fear! Here's a few tutorials from around the web:   BluPrint: How To Sew On A Shank Button You Tube Shank Button Tutorial   Shank buttons tend to be used on bulkier fabrics and garments - like knitwear, overcoats and jackets. I've also seen them used on more delicate garments like the closure of the neckline on the back of a blouse, or a decorative closure on a skirt.    Here are some garment sewing patterns that use shank style buttons:   Untitled Thoughts - Fleur Pinafore Helen's Closet - Yanta Overalls Closet Case Patterns - Sienna Maker Jacket Seamwork - Hayden Some ideas for using shank style buttons in accessories:   Noodlehead - Gather Bag Add a shank button closure to a handled tote! I did something similar to this with Karen Steven's Side-Handled Gusset Bag. Ann Wood - Needlebook Pattern   Shop Fabric Covered Buttons!