Little Garden Embroidery Pattern

Little Garden Embroidery Pattern

Hello everyone,

A few months ago, I added an embroidery pattern to the shop. Here is the drawing in my sketchbook I used to create the design.

We used loads of color in our sample projects, but of course, you could make this piece more minimalistic by choosing one thread color for the entire project.

I think you'll love the thread color charts and a small booklet that comes with the project.

The color chart references the exact DMC embroidery floss we used in both of our sample pieces. The booklet gives you a few of my recommendations, such as backing your project, the stitch I use, and where to buy thread wax (the secret to no-frustration threading!)

My grandma, who didn't consider herself at all artistic, enjoyed embroidery. I believe she showed me a few stitches, but I really can't remember. She and my grandpa, Ernie, were living in an RV camper at the time. He was an electrician who moved around for work. So I imagine Gloria would find herself in an RV park during the day, and I guess having an embroidery project going kept her hands and mind busy. My grandma passed away before I was able to show her my foray into embroidery. I think she would have enjoyed seeing the little scenes, although I'm not sure she would have picked them out for herself! She did love flowers and birds.

Me and mama, 1991. 


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