Using our Organic Fabrics for Fun Sewing Projects

In my last post, I shared some examples of using our fabrics for upholstery, soft furnishings, and window treatments.

Today, I want to share with you examples from customers using our fabrics for fun sewing projects. :)

Karen Stevens has made the most adorable little pouches from our fabric bundles. I especially love her top stitching and the needle pouches. Follow Karen on Instagram to see her other sew ups.

Thanks Karen! (photos taken from Karen's Instagram feed)

Karen Stevens on Instagram

Tierney Barden is a natural dyer, quilter, and knitter from New York. She shared with me her very functional pot holders and hussif she made with our fabrics. A hussif, in case you are wondering, is a basic sewing kit that soldiers used in the war. 

Check out Tierney's other work and purchase her naturally dyed fabrics on her website. Thanks Tierney!!

(photos taken from Tierney's Instagram feed)Tierney Barden's instagram sewing work

Amy Bornman lives in Chicago and writes a blog called Red, Speckled, White.  She's been working on weathervane quilt blocks using our fabrics and I just love the bright combinations she's using with our hand printed cloth.

Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram. Thank you Amy!

(photos taken from Amy's Instagram feed)Amybornman sewing projects on instagram

We love seeing what you guys are making with our fabrics. If you'd like to be featured, tag us on Instagram or send us an email with your creations!

On Tuesday, April 25th we'll be releasing our Fabric by the Yard Collection! Our fabrics will be for sale in units as small as a 1/4 yard, so you can make whatever project you wish! To stay in the loop, sign up for our email newsletter at the top right of the blog. :)


April 20, 2017 by Sara Parker

Using our Organic Fabrics in Your Home

Printed in water-based inks on organic cotton and hemp natural fibers, our fabrics are beautiful and timeless when used on upholstery, cushions and window treatments.

Our medium weight fabric blend is perfect for upholstery. This little chair got a total makeover in our Parlor in Juniper fabric.Sara Parker Textiles upholsteryupholstery by sara parker textiles

Cushions are a fast project to make an instant change to any room. The pattern below is Heuchera in Oxalis and Mallow. Sara Parker Textiles upholsterycushion by Sara Parker Textiles

Window treatments add pattern and textures to a room, not to mention functionality. I made these simple panels from Ginkgo in Lichen on our lightweight cloth to hang in our print studio. I love how they allow just enough light in while also giving us privacy when it's dark outside. The Lichen colorway is delicate and transparent.Curtains by Sara Parker TextilesCurtains by Sara Parker Textiles

I hope these examples give you some inspiration for ways to use our organic, hand printed fabrics in your home.
On April 25th, we are releasing our Fabric by the Yard Collection. Please sign up for our newsletter at the top right so you don't miss out on a special launch discount!


thank you for your kind support! xo Sara

April 20, 2017 by Sara Parker

Open Studio event

Open StudioAnnouncing our second Open Studio Event!

Come see how we print large scale textile yardage, ask us shop questions or anything you like!

We'll have two printing demos, at 11:30 and 2:30pm. Also, textiles and wares for sale, plus a large seconds table with greatly discounted items. My mom is bringing her delicious poundcake, which you really don't want to miss, and we'll have ice coffee and ice tea in the garden.

Please come and tell your friends. If you'd like to RSVP or share the event, please click over to our Facebook page.

Thanks friends! See you soon!


When: Sat May 6

Where: 124 Whispering Springs, Athens, GA 30605 (residential street parking)

What: Sara Parker Textiles, Open Studio Event


April 18, 2017 by Sara Parker

Fabric By The Yard: Part 2

First of all, thank you for the amazing response on my last post! We are so thankful for your kind words and support.

Today, I'm sharing the other 4 designs that will be available as fabric by the yard on April 25th. I really like this Paprika and Mineral combo below - how pretty would this be as curtains in a sunroom?

Most of our inks are very transparent, creating a soft hand and a gentle color so you can easily incorporate more pattern into a room without feeling overwhelmed by pattern.

Oxalis is a very deep blue-purple. It's probably the strongest colorway we have right now and it's based off the oxalis my grandma gave me for our garden. Heuchera in Oxalis and Mallow is feminine and elegant. I'd love to find a vanity chair to cover in this fabric.

Pokeberry in Berry and Denim is a bold colorway based off the inky leaves and berries of the pokeberry plant. This print would make beautiful cushions to add a bit of color to a neutral room.

Want to see how you can incorporate these fabrics into your home? Check out this post.

Heuchera in Paprika and MineralHeuchera, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Heuchera in Straw and OxalisHeuchera, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Heuchera in Oxalis and MallowHeuchera, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Meadowlark in JuniperMeadowlark, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Meadowlark in MallowMeadowlark, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Parlor in PebbleParlor, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Parlor in ClayParlor, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Parlor in JuniperParlor, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Pokeberry in Berry and DenimPokeberry, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Pokeberry in Straw and LichenPokeberry, Hand printed Fabric by the Yard by Sara Parker Textiles

Stay tuned for ideas on how you can incorporate these hand printed fabrics into your home and use them for small fun projects as well!

If you'd like to stay in the loop and receive special discounts on new releases - sign up for our email newsletter at the top right. :)



April 17, 2017 by Sara Parker

Fabric By The Yard: Part 1

I'm so very excited to share with you 4 of the 8 designs we've chosen to start off our Fabric By The Yard line.

As most of you know, we've been printing yardage for years now, but mostly for use in our home ware collection. It's been such a long time dream of mine to offer our hand printed fabrics for sale by the yard.

Although it was difficult to narrow down which designs to offer first, I think we came up with a nice selection. You'll also notice new colorways in the mix! I'm very excited about mallow, pebble, and shale.

So here goes!

Morning Glory in Mallowhand printed fabric by the yard by sara parker textiles

Morning Glory in Mineralhand printed fabric by the yard by sara parker textiles

Brown Thrasher in Shalehand printed fabric by the yard by sara parker textiles

Brown Thrasher in Clayhand printed fabric by the yard by sara parker textiles

Spring Flowers in Straw and Pebblehand printed fabric by the yard by sara parker textiles

Spring Flowers in Mineral and Oxalishand printed fabric by the yard by sara parker textiles

Ginkgo in Yarrowhand printed fabric by the yard by sara parker textiles

Ginkgo in Lichenhand printed fabric by the yard by sara parker textiles

Do you have a favorite yet?!

These fabrics will be for sale by the yard on April 25th! Small cuts will be available so you can use these fabrics in all types of projects, big and small.

If you don't want to miss the date, subscribe to our newsletter and we'll remind you of the reveal as well as other nice and interesting things.

Keep me in the loop!



April 12, 2017 by Sara Parker

pop up at Madewell

DATE: Saturday, April 15

TIME: 1 to 3 pm

ADDRESS: Madewell in Lenox Mall, 3393 Peachtree Rd NE, ATLANTA

DETAILS: We will be selling our new cards, art prints, and table linens! Enjoy light refreshments AND 20% off your Madewell purchase of $125 or more during the event!


See ya there!


April 12, 2017 by Sara Parker

April Print of the month

It's April and I'm finding it hard to sit still when the garden is buzzing with activity!

I've been re-reading all my gardening books and listening to podcasts about what to do and how to do it in the garden. I've got 5 tomato plants ready to hit the soil (once it warms up a bit more) and lots of little seedlings I started back in February that are itching to get in the ground.


The April Print of the Month is a tribute to reading and dreaming of luscious viney gardens. Also, April 29th is Independent Bookstore Day and here in Athens we have an excellent independent book store, Avid.

Here's the sketch I started with and then the film I used to burn the screen.sketchsilly

And the final print!April print of the month by sara parkerYou can purchase this print through our ONLINE SHOP.

This print (and the other Prints of the Month) will be for sale at both Avid locations at the end of April.

Thanks and happy reading!

April 12, 2017 by Sara Parker

sustainable and ethical practices

Print studio Sara Parker TextilesGrowing up, I used to “doctor” pine trees in our driveway with bandaids if they were leaking sap. I don’t think I was helping much then, but my passion for protecting the earth and making the best choices I can for the environment is still as strong.

Today, we’re able to implement effective choices that protect not only our environment, but also the quality of life we lead. We’re not perfect, but Simon and I try very hard on a daily basis to tread lightly in our business and our personal lives.

Some of the practices we have implemented in our business:

  • Printing with water-based, solvent-free inks
  • Shipping with (and re-using) recycled packaging as much as possible
  • Sourcing free trade and fair wage base cloths
  • Using certified organic cotton and hemp base cloth
  • Installing a filtration system in our washout booth to prevent excess waste solids from entering the sewer system
  • Offsetting carbon emissions with our shipping carrier and through CarbonFund
  • Sheet mulching and recycling every scrap of fabric in our garden
  • Designing for longevity and not following seasonal trends

We love that our customers are taking the time to decide what's best for their home and our planet by choosing natural fibers instead of synthetic, solvent printed fabrics.

In our studio, we're printing beautiful, environmentally sound, organic and natural fabrics for use in your home, from ready-made table linens to soon-to-be fabric by the yard.

Extending our line to fabric by the yard will help you incorporate more organic fabrics into your home with upholstery projects, curtains, cushions, and more!

Please stay tuned for our exciting release April 25th and stay in the loop on all our projects by subscribing to our newsletter.

And thanks for your continued support!

Keep me in the loop!



April 10, 2017 by Sara Parker

BIG announcement!

If you've been following along with my printy dreams, you know that one of my long-time goals has been to offer our hand-printed fabrics for sale by the yard. Finally, after moving states, finding a new home and building a print studio, Simon and I are ready to take on orders.

We've been printing our patterns by the yard for our own use for almost 7 years. Now, we are so excited to announce that in a few weeks we will be launching a new side of our business selling our hand-printed, organic fabrics by the yard, to you!

In the last few weeks, we've been printing and testing our colors and designs, and we've come up with eight of our favorite prints in several new colorways to share with you.

Also very exciting is our two options of base cloth! We will have a mid-weight fabric option and a heavy-weight fabric option. The mid-weight fabric is more suitable to sewing and crafting projects and light interior projects like curtains. The heavy-weight fabric option is best for upholstery and heavy traffic projects, like cushions or accessories.

You will be able to purchase a swatch in every design and colorway and the fabrics will be sold in 1/4 yard increments to accommodate every project big and small.

Keep a look out here for my next series of blog posts where I'll be sharing every pattern that will be available, as well as ideas and inspiration to use hand-printed, organic fabrics in your home and projects.

Keep me in the loop!


So stay tuned! And many heartfelt thanks for all the support and warm wishes along the way. It means so much to us!


April 06, 2017 by Sara Parker

April Calendar

April Desktop calendar 2017

Hi friends! It's that time again. Time to switch out your desktop calendars! This is a photo Simon took at my parent's house around this time last year. I added a little bee. Hope you enjoy! :)

Desktop version: above! ( To change out your desktop wallpaper, click to open original image. Right-click to save the image to your computer, then switch out your wallpaper.)

IPad version: (To change out your wallpaper on devices, click and hold on image from your phone/ipad. Save the image to your camera roll, then switch out your wallpaper in Settings.)

April 2017 IPAD Calendar

IPhone Version:

April Iphone Calendar 2017

March 31, 2017 by Sara Parker