Painted Flower Wallpaper

Painted Flower Wallpaper

I gave our spare bathroom a little update with this painted flower wallpaper.

Painted flower wallpaper in bathroom

We painted this bathroom in a pale robin's egg blue a few years after we moved into the house. But lately it was feeling dull and plain and I wanted to do something else that wouldn't involve ripping out fixtures. I had so much fun with Amos' room so I went for a painted wallpaper in a flower design.

Painted flower wallpaper in bathroomI started the pattern by painting 5" rectangles with a mini paint roller. I used leftover paint from our living room for this.

Painted flower wallpaper in bathroomThen I started adding flower stems using acrylic paints that I mixed on palette. I sketched out some rough ideas in my sketchbook before hitting the wall. 

Painted flower wallpaper in bathroomPainted flower wallpaper in bathroom

For the color palette, I was trying to stay with a apricotty, sherry, deep plum for the flowers and various muted greens for the stems. At first I was worried I used too many colors, but now I love how vibrant and happy it is!

Painted flower wallpaper in bathroom

I repeated the same flower about every 7 blocks to make the pattern seem intentional but randomized. This kinda worked, but I ended up with having to fill in gaps because my 'every 7 blocks' idea was completely random as well!

Painted flower wallpaper in bathroomPainted flower wallpaper in bathroomPainted flower wallpaper in bathroom

Comments (3)

  • Hillary Thompson on Jan 03, 2023

    Sara this looks fabulous! So creative and well-executed. I have the “wants” real bad.

  • Beth Mazur on Dec 30, 2022

    Oh my gosh! I love this so much! So bold and so fun!! I swear you out do yourself with every design iteration. And here I just thought you did dishcloths….Beautiful, just beautiful.

  • Suzanne Fox on Dec 29, 2022

    Sara, this is so amazing! From concept to execution. What would the world be without our artists? I am inspired to take more risks with my art in the new year.

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