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How to Order Custom Fabric

Last week I talked about a new section on our website- Print to Order.

This week I'd like to walk you through the ordering process to show you how easy it is to customize our designs for your particular project!

For an example I'll use a recent personal project - a button up shirt in a summery print. 

With 95 degree weather, I've been wanting to add a summery button up shirt to my handmade wardrobe. I decided on using the Gilbert Top by Helen's Closet for the shirt pattern and our Midsummer design for the fabric. 

To start an order, navigate to the Print to Order tab on our website. Here you'll see all our designs listed-- click on Midsummer.

Read the print details and scroll down to the 'Order Here' button.


Each of our designs has its own order form. If you have multiple yardage order requests, complete a form for each of your designs and we'll collect them together. 

The order form reads: "Use this form to submit your request for custom fabric. We will send you an email confirmation within a day to confirm your order and request payment.
If you have multiple yardage orders, please complete a form for each design."

Select a base cloth; I chose Ivory Linen. For a more in depth reference of our base cloths, go here


Ink choice is next - I chose Lichen from the dropdown for a vintage creme de menthe vibe. If you're not sure about our ink colors, you can always request a sample. 

Next, how much yardage you would like? Anything goes here! My shirt pattern used 2 yards.

And that's it!

Click 'submit' and we'll email you an invoice within 24 hours to confirm the order. Once payment is confirmed, we start to print. The turnaround time from payment to shipping typically runs 1-2 weeks. 

Have any questions about ordering our fabrics? Please let me know in the comments below! 

I love how my new shirt turned out. It's perfect with a skirt and sandals to beat this summer heat, and the linen was very nice to work with. 

p.s. these photos have a "vintage" filter to enhance my retro look. See fabric in the shop here to get a true sense of the Lichen ink color.


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  • katie on Jul 28, 2020

    Sara, that top looks FANTASTIC!!! <3

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