Brooklyn Haberdashery

Brooklyn Haberdashery
I’m rather chuffed to see our Mini Bundles and Fabric Buttons amidst the beautifully curated selection of needlecraft tools and supplies that is Brooklyn Haberdashery. 



Kristen and Anthony opened BH in 2016 and have since grown into the go-to online source for interesting and well crafted haberdashery.

I was lucky enough to meet Kristin and Anthony at QuiltCon and browse their incredible candy store-like booth. It's a real treat to see and touch all the lovely bits and bobbins in person, but I also love how they've organized their online shop. 

You can search by craft type; sashiko, knitting, mending, hand sewing; or by interests like cat lovers, for Francophiles, scissor fanatics, etc. 


You’ll find our Mini Bundles in the Fabric, Ribbon, + Buttons section (cleverly curated by color for easy shopping) and a selection of fabric buttons. 

Here are a few of my favorite things from the shop:


Brooklyn Haberdashery


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