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Inspiration Make

Makes using SPT fabrics

I love seeing our fabrics in the wild- the variety in the pictures of the projects you've sent me is truly inspiring! From interior designers crafting an amazing room to sewists skillfully making keepsakes, to others simply fulfilling a burst of creativity.  I'm working on an archive of project images that customers have sent to me and others I’ve found online. I made categories to sort things; upholstery and homewares, garments and mending, bags and pouches, artworks and other projects. In this list I included some of my personal projects because I think they show off our fabrics nicely.  Have fun looking through this inspiration reel!  If you’d like to share your project with our fabrics, please scroll to the bottom of this post to fill in a survey. Anything goes and I welcome all feedback!   Upholstery and Homewares Curtains Curtains clockwise from top: Our print studio curtains in Ginkgo in Lichen, Hillary's Ginkgo in Yarrow curtains for her farmhouse kitchen sink, Heuchera cafe curtains in bathroom designed by Monica Stewart, Pine Roman shades in room designed by Monica Stewart.    Upholstery    Clockwise from top: Cheryl's dining room chairs in Ginkgo, Brown Thrasher, and Morning Glory, Suzanne's massage room chair in Bramble, Spomenka's lamp shade in Brown Thrasher in Shale, our chair in Parlor.   Soft Furnishings       Clockwise from top: Matilda in Juniper throw pillow, Ginkgo in Yarrow throw pillow, quilt by Lizzie, hand quilting by Sally.    Garments and Mending   Tops   Clockwise from top: Lizzie's Kabuki Tee in Morning Glory, modified Athina Top in Matilda by Katie, Kalle Shirt in Pine by Lizzie, Ashley's Willow Tank in Cactus, Karen's Ogden Cami in custom overprint fabric.     Dresses + more   Clockwise from top: Lizzie's Pilvi Coat in Meadowlark, Cheryl's dress in Ginkgo, Melissa's dress in Brown Thrasher, Lizzie's Rose Shorts in Ferns, Sheryll's skirt in Storybook.     Mending   Clockwise from top: Carly's jeans and jean jacket in overdyed Daisy Pinstripe, Tina's mending with Brown Thrasher, Cindy's apron pockets in Brown Thrasher, Alicia's mending with Dogs.   Aprons     Clockwise from top: Karen's apron in Brown Thrasher linen, Cheryl's apron using one of our kits,  Ann's apron with a Parsley pocket, Tierney's apron in Crepe Myrtle, Carly's apron in Storybook and Ginkgo.   Bags and Pouches   Backpacks     Clockwise from top: Making backpack in Matilda by Lizzie, Making backpack in Matilda by Karen, Keiko's backpack in Matilda, Range backpack in Matilda by Lizzie.     Totes  Clockwise from top: Carly's tote in Matilda, Karen's tote in Storybook, Daisy Pinstripe tote by Keiko, Cotton tote by Jane, Ann's tote in Spring Flowers, Karen's tote in Daisy Pinstripe.      Pieced Bags Clockwise from top: Alicia's Rice Pouch, Karen's Gusset Tote, Stewart's Gusset Tote, Kristebee's tote, Ann's Rice Pouch    Pouches Clockwise from top: Pouches by Ann, Karen Stevens, Carly, Karen Steven's free pdf pattern, Sburton Designs, Louise, EndearMe, and Alicia Artwork and other projects Clockwise from top: Sewing toolkits by Tierney, artwork using our fabrics by Betsy and Kristen