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Today I want to share with you the work of my printing partner and husband, Simon. :)

Simon has always been interested in photography. But it was when our surroundings changed from urban landscape to green hills of rural Georgia in 2010, that inspiration took hold and he's found a new love for taking photographs. He studied film in college and has always been interested in the moving picture. He knows his way around a camera and because of his film background, which is purely analog, his approach to Photoshop tends to be on the naturalistic side. Usually what he sees through the camera lens is the final photo except for a few crops and tweaks.

This week, Simon has a photograph in the Lydon House Arts Foundation annual juried show in Athens. This is a big deal for our community of artists because over 800 works were submitted with only 162 making the cut! So if you're local, I hope you can make it to the show.

I rounded up some of my favorites from Simon's Flickr page where he occasionally posts his finished photographs. You can follow him there and on Instagram to keep up with his work.

Pete Sunrise_Simon photography

I'm always surprised when I see Simon's finished photographs. There's usually a mix of humor and sensitivity that anyone who knows Simon can see in his personality. This one above is called "Pete Sunrise". This is Pete, a feisty little pit bull caught at attention in this vast field at sunrise.

Caterpillar in light_simon hunt photography

My favorites are his wildlife photos, of course. :) This one is called Caterpillar in Light and the caterpillar here is a luna moth. I love the framing of this photo. Because the caterpillar isn't perched on a flower, he looks like an alien creature on the edge of a yellow abyss.

Love in a mist _simon hunt photography

Another favorite of mine and favorite flower, love-in-a-mist, this one is titled "Floating Flower".  I like the shallow depth of field here, the photo truly lives up to the flower's namesake.

Spider Blossom _simon hunt photography

"Spider Blossom" reminds me of a Dutch still life painting. I love the rich black and the simple composition of spider and blossom. The detail on the morning glory is just lovely, this is definitely a favorite of mine.

March 5 2016 7:46 am simon hunt photography

Here you can see that Simon has a way of composing a photograph. The tiny moon and the lone tree in this landscape at sunrise is simply beautiful. You vaguely see the strewn equipment and other bits of mess laying about. Things that would be eyesores at any other time of day, but here they are cast aside and all you see is the beautiful sky, moon, and tree. Title for this one is "March 5, 2016 7:46am".

coastal geometry 1_simon photography

A few years ago we visited family in Oregon and this is a photo from a series that Simon shot while we were on the coast. This one is titled "Coastal Geometry 1" and it won Best in Category at the 2015 OCAF Southworks Exhibit. I think this photo is even more beautiful in person as it's printed using carbon inks that give the print a slight warm tone. The juxtaposition of the textured grass, the wavey sea and the cloudy sky is so pleasing to the eye. I love how he framed this shot and made these organic shapes into a geometric study.

scull shoals 4 simon photography

This photo titled "Scull Shoals 4", is from a series Simon worked on at Scull Shoals Mill. This area was a frontier settlement in the late 1700's and was the location of Georgia's first paper mill in 1810. In his other photos from the series you can see the remains of the mill, but this one in particular I found interesting. We visited the site after a season of heavy rains and this horrific vine looks as though it's struggling to find it's way up the tree or out of the water. I love the texture of the ground and the gnarly twist of that vine.

night shack simon hunt photography

 "Night Shack" was taken on a family vacation to Edisto Island, but it looks like an erie photograph from the 1900's. I love the tall orientation where you can vaguely see the tops of the palms and the shadow cast on the little shack.

To follow Simon's photography, check out his Flickr page, Instagram, or write to him at

Simon does sell his photographs and exhibits locally and nationally. Also, he works closely with a local printer who uses high quality papers and carbon inks.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Simon's photographs as much as I do! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will pass them on to Simon and thanks!



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