Little Notebooks + Improv Printing

Little Notebooks + Improv Printing

A new batch of little notebooks made from screenprinted and letterpress-printed test prints are now in the shop!

Every time I print a card, or a paper print, I do a quick test to check the registration and the ink colors before printing the run.

Over time, printers accumulate stacks and stacks of these test prints, which can turn out to be immaculate, one-of-a-kind artworks. Layers of past prints and colors overlap to create a new work of art. Here's a few I framed, just because I love the way they look:

Framed MonoprintMonoprintFramed Monoprint

A few months back, my studio assistant Jesse hand-bound a few of these test prints into an A2-sized notebook and I couldn't love them more!

I love the spontaneity in each print. They remind of a messy wildflower garden.

These test prints have influenced our other work as well. From time to time, Simon and I collaborate on what we call improv printing. We were lucky enough to show this work in a gallery setting last year. The basis of it comes from the idea of working intuitively with color and design, building layers, and printing in the moment. Here's an image from that body of work - you can read more about that show and see what we have in the shop in this post.

It's always handy to have a little notebook in your bag, and these are just so unique, vivid, and tactile. The paper inside each notebook varies from sketchbook paper, ruled or grid paper, and a few color pages as well. Each one is saddle-stitched by hand.

We have a nice range of screenprinted and letterpress-printed notebooks in shop - go have a look!




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