Paper to Print: III

Paper to Print: III

Although I'm slowly chugging away at the designs I showed you in Paper to Print II, creativity sparked and we have a new design in the mix! More on that below...

But first, I wanted to show you my progress on the floral pattern I've been determined to recreate. Here's the progression on that print so far:

- I found the fabric swatch I designed and printed years ago and pinned it on my inspo board.found fabric swatch
-Decided to recreated the design by painting it on clear film with India ink.painting the repeat block
-Scanned the painting into the computer and made a mock up of how the repeat might look.
- Lastly, decided to try inverting the painting to give it less ink coverage and presto! I think this might be it. but I have to sit with it for a bit to be sure. :) in process repeat pattern by Sara Parker Textiles

In the midst of all this, I got inspired to finish up a simple repeat I've had in my head for a while. It's called Pine and it's hot off the print table. This version is printed in our Denim colorway on medium-weight linen. Below is my original drawing for the print.

And I thought it would be fun to bring back an old favorite - Bramble. Here's the drawing I used to create the design - way back in 2011. 

Look out for our shop update real soon with these new prints!

Thanks for following along with this series. As you can tell, creating new designs is not a linear process, so I'll continue to keep you updated with these Paper to Print posts as I go along. :)

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