December Print & recap of a monthly project

December Print of the Month with a red cardinal by Sara Parker

This time of year our suet feeders are full of red cardinals. I love seeing them perched in the maple tree and foraging in the dogwoods. So it wasn't too hard to decide what to draw for this month's print. :)

Red Cardinal limited edition screen print by Sara ParkerI used gold ink in this print to add a little festive flair. I was trying to catch the glimmer here.

I'm rather proud of myself for sticking to my print-of-the-month schedule. It's been fun to do a monthly, self motivated project. I'm way more confident printing flatstock now, and I'm having more fun layering colors and textures. I think I've accomplished what I wanted to with this project, which was to explore pattern, color, and design.

limited edition screen printed project by Sara Parker, print of the month

I also wanted to build a habit of making art on a daily basis. I quit my day job at the end of last year, and this project gave me a way to develop a structure and rhythm for my art practice.

a year of limited edition prints by Sara ParkerI hand-painted all my films for the project and didn't use a computer to figure out colors or separations. I liked trusting my instinct and just going with the print. :) bluebird print of the month by Sara Parker

Some prints featured more line work, while others depended on color blocks to make shapes, etc. Like the blue bird print above.

Limited edition print by Sara ParkerLimited edition print by Sara ParkerLimited edition print by Sara ParkerThanks for following along with my printy journey! I know I want to keep up a monthly project next year, but I haven't decided yet what it will be! I'll keep you posted. :)

In the meantime, most of these prints are still in stock in the shop! So head over and pick one up for yourself or a friend this holiday season. and thanks!

till soon,


November 30, 2017 by Sara Parker
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