August Print of the Month

August Print of the Month

The garden is teeming with activity this month. I've seen so many hummingbirds foraging the salvias and red cardinal climbers that I decided to pay tribute to them in this month's print.

August Print of the Month

The solar eclipse is Monday, August 21st. We are so close to the path, I can't wait!

My plan for rearing butterflies in our garden is also coming to fruition. Here are some swallowtail caterpillars munching away on parsley that has gone to seed.

swallowtail caterpillars

We've had yellow tiger and black swallowtails in abundance this year. They absolutely love parsley and dill, so plant lots of those by seed in your garden and you'll be amazed at the activity. Parsley and dill are great to plant as a winter herb. Parsley has a long tap root and will last all winter long in your garden. It particularly loves our southern winters.

black swallowtail butterflyyellow tiger swallowtailyellow tiger swallowtail

Happy gardening!


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