Annual Tea Towel Calendar

Looking for our 2021 calendar? it's for sale HERE.


The first year I made a fabric calendar, we were exhibiting at a local holiday market. A customer happily came up to our booth so excited to see a tea towel calendar like the ones her mom collected when she was a kid.

2014 Tea Towel Calendar_Sara Parker Textiles

Since then, I've made it a tradition to design an annual fabric calendar. Personally, my mom never collected tea towel calendars, but I have always loved seeing them in thrift stores, and hearing people reminisce about their mom's or grandma's collections is really heart warming.

2015 Tea Towel Calendar_Sara Parker Textiles

Looking back on past years' calendars, I remember the trip we took to Edisto Island in July, planting our veggie garden on what seemed the coldest day in January, and sitting by the fire pit in December.

2016 Tea Towel Calendar_Sara Parker Textiles

In the 2017 calendar, I included bits of the new repeat patterns I was working on, Heuchera and Ginkgo. Our kitty Maisie (the namesake of Maisilene) still follows me everywhere I go, so she makes an appearance twice in the 2017 design. I also wanted to learn to knit, so I was hoping that would be me sitting by the window in early January. Turns out I haven't taken up knitting yet, but hey.  :)

2017 Tea Towel Calendar_Sara Parker Textiles

2017 Tea Towel Calendar_Sara Parker Textiles2017 Tea Towel Calendar_Sara Parker TextilesThe 2018 calendar was a fun one to design. It was a windy year and I felt like we ate lots of ice cream.2018 tea towel calendar by sara parkerFor 2019 - my drawings got a little grungier. I didn't edit as much as I usually do. The theme is about our relationships and being true to ourselves. It was fun adding words in the design, which is a new thing for me.2019 Tea Towel Calendar by Sara Parker

As always, our work is hand printed in our Athens, GA studio on sustainable and stain resistant hemp and organic cotton. Inks are heat set so you can wash and use daily if you like. Washing cold by hand or in a gentle wash will help to preserve the life of the print.

I hear from a lot of folks that they display the calendar throughout the year and then use it in the kitchen the following year. The perfect way to use a tea towel calendar. :)

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  • Emma on Nov 16, 2022

    I would like to buy the 2014 calendar for my daughter on her birthday. Is there any chance that you’d sell me one?

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