A new print series for 2017

A new print series for 2017

Last July, I started a new series for the remainder of the year, where I designed a monthly tea towel. The goal was to illustrate what makes each month special to me and to start a monthly practice.

This year, I'm changing up the series a bit, and doing my monthly print on paper. Like the tea towels, these prints will be limited edition screen prints that are studies in pattern, color and design.

January screen print by Sara ParkerJanuary screen print by Sara Parker

The prints will be 8x10 inches, so they'll easily fit in a store-bought frame.

January screen print by Sara Parker

The idea behind this project is to test colors and patterns that have been floating around in my sketchbook before committing them to textile designs.

January screen print by Sara Parker

In the studio, Simon and I have been printing yardage of Pokeberry, which is a two color print that makes a third color where the two overlap. For January, the first print in the series is a simple study in muted, highly transparent colors. I love how soft and layered this study turned out. It makes me ready for spring in the garden!

P.S. Speaking of the garden, I love peeking at the little sprouts coming up this early in the year. Our garlic and yarrow is off to a good start!


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