Ode to the end of summer

This is a sketch for a letterpress print I just completed called End of Summer. This is our first year owning a house with a front and back yard, so of course we went to town planting veggies and flowers. Instead of buying plants, I tried my best to start most of our things from organic seeds. It seems like now, end of August, early September, is when everything is looking best! I love the end of summer, when the Mexican Sunflowers are toppled over but still blooming profusely, the tomatos are pretty and green and taller than you! and the rudebekia is blooming so much you can cut some for the house twice in one week! This print is an ode to our little garden. 

Here's what the final print looks like:

I couldnt resist picking a few things from the yard. :) Available as an individual print here or as part of a set here

September 18, 2015 by Sara Parker
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