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Thread Wax by The Small Circle

$ 9.00

Reduce knots, tangles, and fraying thread in your hand sewing with The Small Circle's earth-friendly thread wax!

This thread care product is The Small Circle's own special blend of sustainably-sourced beeswax, plant wax, and high-quality, natural essential oils.

The plastic-free packaging is biodegradable and made from 100% renewable materials. The push-up tube design allows you to use every bit of wax in the container.

Perfect for quilting, mending, sashiko, sewing on buttons, and any other hand-sewing applications.

Each tube contains 1/3 oz thread wax and measures 2.75" x 0.80".

Scent Profiles

  • Rainwashed - lavender and grapefruit
  • Citrus Forest - lemon, lime, fir needle
  • Winterlude - juniper and cedarwood

The Small Circle Thread Wax has passed all of our stain and wash tests; however, we recommend you always test on scrap fabric before use in your final project.