Yanta Overalls with our Fabric Buttons

Yanta Overalls with our Fabric Buttons
I made the Yanta Overalls by Helen's Closet and I love how they turned out!


I used our fabric buttons in Tulip for the straps. The shank style of these buttons make them perfect for overalls. They also washed up just fine in the washing machine on a cold cycle. 


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Another great pattern by Helen's Closet. I did have a little trouble sewing the back encasement of the straps. There's a lot of fabric there and you need to be nimble with your fingers. I imagine this will come together easier on my second pair. 



I can't wait to wear these while printing in the studio or weeding in the garden-- soo comfy!


Want some more ideas of what to sew with our shank fabric buttons?

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