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So far, 2018 has been about designing, making, and playing. Not a bad way for the new year to start! I started the year off by designing six new letterpress cards for an early spring collection. I had Valentine’s Day in mind, early spring bloomers, and clean, bright colors. Some of the new cards will be four-color designs. I’m excited to add bright reds and yellows to the mix. Here’s my working color palette and a few of the new cards. 

new letterpress card designs for spring/winter 2018!I’ve started in on my garment sewing adventure! I got these beautiful fabrics for Christmas from Black Bird Fabrics. I’m a little nervous to cut into them because they’re just so beautiful! The two on the left are 100% Viscose and the right one is a lovely rib knit. I started out making a few muslins of the Lark Tee by Grainline Studio. My next step is to cut into that rib knit and make a mock turtle neck, long sleeve. So far serging the knits has been a breeze, but I’m a little unsure how to finish the hems. Something to work on.

I was debating whether to start another yearly printing project like I did last year. That was fun, but I think I’ll switch it up this year and work on painting. I keep an ongoing painting in my sketchbook or at the drawing table/kitchen table. Throughout the week I spend a few minutes here or there working on it and eventually decide when it's come together. I love layering colors. I like to think painting is influencing my other designs. I’m thinking of offering these paintings as printed giclees or even making a line of stationery. 

Print, print, print! This week we’ve been working on Pokeberry yardage. We have about 25 yards printed. This will be made into custom curtains for a client and then we'll have some extra for sale in the shop! Simon helps me pin fabric, measure, and print. This year I want to show more of us working in the studio. We've been shooting lots of video to make a short for the website.

New work out pants! I started the gym this year because working from home is very sedentary, not a lot of moving. And going to the gym means you can eat all the cookies, right? These are from Smitten Kitchen and they were super yummy. I'd add more orange zest next time.

That's my work in progress! Please subscribe to the newsletter to hear when the new card collection goes live! Thanks for reading and your support. :) Sara


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