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Print studio Sara Parker TextilesGrowing up, I used to “doctor” pine trees in our driveway with bandaids if they were leaking sap. I don’t think I was helping much then, but my passion for protecting the earth and making the best choices I can for the environment is still as strong.

Today, we’re strive to implement effective choices that protect not only our environment, but also the quality of life we lead. We’re not perfect, but Simon and I try very hard to tread lightly in our business and our personal lives.

Some of the practices we have implemented are:

  • Printing with water-based, solvent-free inks
  • Shipping with (and re-using) recycled packaging as much as possible
  • Sourcing free trade and fair wage base cloths
  • Using certified organic cotton and hemp base cloth
  • Installing a filtration system in our washout booth to prevent excess waste solids from entering the sewer system
  • Offsetting carbon emissions with our shipping carrier and through CarbonFund
  • Sheet mulching and recycling every scrap of fabric in our garden
  • Designing for longevity and not following seasonal trends

We love that our customers are taking the time to decide what's best for their home and our planet by choosing natural fibers instead of synthetic, solvent printed fabrics.

In our studio, we're printing beautiful, environmentally sound, organic and natural fabrics for use in your home, from ready-made table linens to soon-to-be fabric by the yard.

Extending our line to fabric by the yard will help you incorporate more organic fabrics into your home with upholstery projects, curtains, cushions, and more!

And thanks for your continued support!

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