How to style small artworks in your home

I've been painting with watercolors a lot lately. My favorite thing to do is work up layers of color. So when I was asked recently to participate in a portfolio exchange, I thought I would try making a screenprint inspired by this sketch I posted on Instagram.

 Here are some process shots from printing in the studio:


I love working within the limitations of screenprinting, and getting this layered, almost painted feeling from a print is so exciting. I get mesmerized staring at the result.

without a matt

Incorporating hand made or hand printed artwork on your walls and shelves can make your space feel so much more meaningful and special to you. It's easy to start a hand made collection and show it off beautifully. So, I have some ideas for how I think this little print (it's a standard 5x7 inches) could work in your home.

There are lots of different ways to frame a small piece of art like this. The best looking way in my opinions is to have it float-mounted. With this method the edition size, signature and date are all visible, as well as any decorative or bleed edges. But, not everyone is able to afford custom framing, so you can always find decent looking frames with mats for standard print sizes. We tend to use IKEA frames.

So, how do you incorporate small pieces of art in your home?

Here's an idea for an office study. Framed pieces of art don't always have to go on the wall. Style your desk to be inspiring, clean and beautiful so you'll want to sit down and get to work.

interior image from:


Here's an idea for a entry way. I love the combinations of color here. Use this print to add a pop of color to a neutral room.

entrywayinterior image from:


Speaking of color, how pretty is this dark grey room living room? Adding accent colors, like the violet in my print or that bright yellow vase on the mantel, really makes an interesting statement in this dark grey interior. I love how darker walls help to accent brighter colors in a room.

interior image from:


Here's a botanically inspired wall with shelves and lots of green. Don't be intimated by color. The purple in my print fits nicely among the green because they are complementary colors. 

gallery wallinterior image from:


Here's another gallery wall using a dark wall color and lots of yummy jewel tones.

interior image from:


And lastly, here's a example of a neutral wall. I like the pop of color from my print!

interior image from:


So there's lots of different ways to incorporate small, hand printed art in your home. I hope you're inspired! Check out our small artworks HERE.


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