Changing it up

2018 is turning out to be the year of change. (I got a haircut, but there's more!)

Last year, my goal was to create a daily art practice. I started the monthly print series, I bought a few watercolor sketchbooks, and I was trying hard to document what I was creating to keep myself accountable for making new work.

This year, I've been trying to find a way to tie everything together. In June, I decided it was time to make a change in order to get anywhere with my ideas, so I took the month away from posting on social media and creating new work. I spent more time reading, writing, and trying to grow dahlias.

I thought I was literally breaking my business by taking a break, but of course I wasn't and it was truly what needed to happen for me to refocus on my big goals.

In August, we're launching a new site for our most loved ready-made wares. It will be called Maisilene.

Maisilene will host our napkin sets, tea towels, fabric buckets- all items made with fabrics at Sara Parker Textiles. It will be home to my limited edition prints, paintings, and letterpress cards. It will also be the guinea pig for new patterns, colorways, etc.

Sara Parker Textiles, meanwhile, will be focused on hand-printed textiles by the yard.

My hope is, I'll be able to more effectively work with individual clients and designers using our fabric yardage, while continuing to offer our range of fun home goods and art work.

When I started this business in 2010 in my parents basement (thanks mom and dad!), creating timeless, hand-printed yardage on organic, natural fabrics was my motto. In creating a separate shop for my home goods and art work, I hope to keep the focus on that simple statement, while having an outlet for the other things my creative practice generates.

(Here are some old photos of our first studio in mom and dad's basement)

I realize how privileged I am to have you all as supportive customers and friends. Thank you for reading this post and supporting this change. I feel like this work has a part of my soul in it and I hope you'll follow along with me on this new adventure.

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xoxo and my sincerest of gratitude,

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  • Meg on Jul 20, 2018

    I’m lucky to have such a creative and inspiring friend! xo

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