An Embroidery Pattern + Giveaway!

An Embroidery Pattern + Giveaway!

Enjoy a crisp day gathering fallen leaves. Spider lilies are in full bloom and the collards are just beginning to sprout. There’s a small flock of migrating birds overhead and your trusty wheelbarrow is by your side.

Introducing a new embroidery project in the shop! 


Raking Leaves

This project includes (1) printed panel and a 5 x 7" color postcard of our finished samples to give you ideas!  

Printed with our eco-friendly ink (that will not wash out) on Oeko-Tex linen. Your choice of bisque or sage cloth. 

The fabric is approx 11 x 12" and fits nicely in an 8" hoop. 

Please note this project does not include embroidery floss, needles, sewing or stitch instructions. If you're new to embroidery we suggest diving in while referring to some of these excellent tutorials: Sublime Stitching, Kelly Fletcher, Rebecca Ringquist, and Cozy Blue Handmade




Our first 8 orders will receive a complimentary thread wax from The Small Circle! 

Lizzie just introduced handmade organic thread wax to her shop and using it made this embroidery project such a joy. Threading the needle is so much easier and taming unruly threads is a breeze. All you have to do is run the thread across the beeswax concoction, catch a hint of the lovely Rainwashed scent, and start stitching. For more info about this Thread Wax head over to Lizzie's shop or be an early bird shopper to get your hands on some!

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