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by Sara Parker |

Sara Parker Textiles: Parlor hanging in the studioThis week Simon and I have been in the studio after dinner, printing a table or two.

Our print days used to be only on the weekends, because the studio was in my parents' basement, 70 miles away. We'd print about 12 tables - close to 70 yards of fabric - on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Printing yardage has become a labor of love. Our screens are large and require the two of us to handle as we work together to print the repeat.

This is what I love most about the work we do. It's pretty fun when it's time to print, listening to music, talking about our day, making up new plans, experimenting with new ink or different patterns. 

Looking ahead, I think about outsourcing our printing to grow the business. Maybe one day we'll need to make that decision, but for now, I can't wait till after dinner. 

Have a great weekend friends!






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