After last week's post and looking at these nice images, I'm ready to crack out my paints. I even dug out my high school easel and some old canvases to get me started. The flickery afternoon light on the little patch of forest in our back yard has been begging me to paint for a few weeks now. 

Jean Brusselmans, 1884-1953, was a Belgium painter. The image below is the view from his studio window, which he painted again and again capturing all seasons.

Jean Brusselmans

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Lois Dodd, b.1927, is a painter from Maine who has been working for nearly six decades. She has some very nice things. See more of her work here.

Lois Dodd

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Gary Bunt is a painter and poet working from London. I like the sweet subject matter of his paintings. See more here.

Gary Bunt

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Janice Biala, 1903-2000, developed her style in a career that lasted over 70 years. I love her color palette and the simple subject matter of her paintings. See more of her work here.

Janice Biala

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Isak Applin is a painter living in Chicago with some very nice things. He was a graduate assistant in my wood block printing class in college. See more of his work here.

Isak Applin

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